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  • Samsung Top Load Washer

    I purchased a Samsung top load washer from Sears last year and it is messing up constantly stopping and beeping and giving me error codes and is rusting where the bleach goes, I call Samsung and they tell me my washer has a recall on it they will fix that but will not fix the other issue even though at the store I was told my washer has a 10 year warranty on it now Samsung is telling me they only cover for 1 year and I've had my washer a year and half I'm so irrate. More...
    (Dry Cleaning, Laundry)
  • Improper installation

    Bought Samsung 65 inch TV and had hhgregg delivered and installed the tv. Now, I am unable to get the pedestal off of TV because of hhgregg messing up the install. I was asked to take the TV to the store where I bought it from and they said, they cannot fix it and that Samsung will have to fix it. Samsung tells me that since hhgregg installed it, they need to take care of removing the pedestal. I want hhgregg to take the responsibility of cross threading the screws and have their tech support/installation to address this issue. More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • TV Delivery and Setup/Removal of old TV and Stand

    Last Friday we purchased a new LED TV and stand from HH Gregg in Indianapolis, IN. The salesperson advised us that we could not have it delivered for set up until today 2/5/14. The salesperson was suppose to have the old TV and stand picked up at the time of the new deliery and installation. Only the set up technicians arrived (we were only given 20 minutes warning) to be ready after a 10-12 inch snow fall last night so of course the court, drive way and sidewalk were not in very good condition. Thanks to the salesperson and the Ops Manager for the Indianapolis store we did not... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Switched Dishwasher

    In Nov. 2011 I purchased a whirlpool dishwasher and had it installed. Later when the dishwasher broke, I discovered that your installers placed a different whirlpool model then the one I purchased into my home, and canceled my 5 year service plan in January of 2012 some 45 days after the delivery. HHgregg refused to repair the dishwasher, and an outside service informed me the motor was gone. I have purchased a new dishwasher from another vendor. It is illegal to give someone a product they did not buy without their knowledge, and further refund money on a service without notifying the... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • Freezer not freezing

    I bought a Haier 7.1 Chest freezer with the PSP on 3/3/12. It was working fine, but now all of the food that was in there is defrosted. I have lost about $300 of food so far. I cannot get through to the warranty phone service. I have been on hold ALL day, with two times being disconnected after many transfers to another area after being on hold for 30 minutes a piece. I am at my wits end now and tired of trying to go through this while all my food is getting more and more warm. It is blowing cold, but even the ice bags are melting and they freeze at a higher temp than meat! What should I... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Warrenty Bait and Switch

    I purchased a laptop computer in July of 2011 with the $299.99 warrantee. The associate told me at the time of purchase, if my laptop needed service, it usually would be resolved within 1 week. I did have a problem and sent it to the warrantee company for service. First they told me it would be 2 weeks. Now after 3 weeks, no one is sure how long it will take. The laptop simply had a broken hinge. I called the store on at least 2 occasions to ask how long a computer repair would take if I purchased a computer with warrantee. Both times I was proudly told a week or typically less. I... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • warranty not as specified

    My brochure plainly states I am entitled to replacement within two years. I agreed to accept repair and was told it would be four or five days for a new circuit board to come in for my Samsung LCD tv. It has now been close to two weeks and no one has called. Upon calling to follow up and demand replacement I was given the true run around speaking with three different folks and no resolution. The blame game continues to baffle me. I paid about 25% of the purchase price for this supposedly great warranty, which strikes me as a scam. More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Return Policy

    When I purchased a Sony Digital camera from HHGregg, I asked the salesperson specifically about the return policy. I was told that if it was returned within 14 days, there would be no problem. When I tried to return the camera with the original sales receipt, original condition, original packaging, packing materials, etc. I was informed by the manager that I would have to pay a restocking fee. This was never mentioned to me when I was purchasing the camera. I would like further explanation. I was not satisfied with the managers response or attitude. Her name is JameKeya Myles. Please... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Cannot get anyone to answer phone

    I have been calling HHGregg in the Scranton PA area for the last 3 days and letting the phone ring for 5 or 6 minutes, you would think they would pick up just to stop the ringing:) So I called corporate and told them I had a complaint and I was on hold for 8 minutes before I just hung up. Now I am sitting here typing this while I am on hold with the customer service general number for HHGregg and so far its been over 16 minutes and no one has answered...well at least they are consistent about some things...IGNORING THE CUSTOMER...I will NEVER walk in that store again!!! More...
  • return policy

    Due to misinformed sales rep I was sold the WRONG device although I repeatedly sought confirmation the hard drive would be compatible with my Mac. I live out of state and Gregg will NOT accept return via mail. I was not informed of this policy at time of purchase; even though sales rep asked for and received my out of state address. Hard to believe they have no procedure in place to accommodate consumers from out of state who need to make a return.Seems a bit dishonest. And again; the sales rep was mistaken. More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • Bad Customer Service

    Purchased LG range, open box item, but in fact a badly damaged item, which we found out after the delivery. Called the manager of the local store, explained the issue, but after a day, got a message saying we incurred the damage since the delivery guys had not noticed it. It is a damage done inside underneath the range, which is not visible from outside. The delivery guys could not have noticed it as we didn't until we lifted it up and looked underneath. But lo and behold we are blamed for the damage, they wouldn't take back the return even it is within the 14 day period. One of... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • extended warranty issue

    Purchased a Canon digital camera six months ago from HHGREGG (Dec. 09), along with extended 3 year warranty. Camera quit working in June 2010, so took it to HHGREGG. They sent it to their warranty company, who said scrap camera and replace it. Great, I thought. Went to the store to get new camera, and found out that, even though my camera is being replaced PER THE WARRANTY, the warranty is no longer good on the new camera that we are picking up. So now I am supposed to spend ANOTHER 59.00 to purchase ANOTHER warranty on the replacement camera that we had already purchased a 3 year warranty... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • damage to my home

    Vince and crew deleivered our washer and dryer to our new home and damaged the walls and told us to connect the dryer ourselves. Keith in logistics accused us of sending pictures of old damage (our home is brand new!), did not return calls as promised and basically said get an estimate...that's all we can do. I guess you have our $2000 so you don't really care about anything else. Every new home owner in this neighborhood (there will be 2000+ of them) will hear this story from me and the warning about the terrible experience we continue to have. More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • Pushy Sales

    Was my first time in store and wanted to browse. Sales person jumped me right away. I stated I just wanted to browse. She kept on with me until I was fed up. I spoke to the Manager at the Brier Creek NC location who's name is Andy Cooper. He stated that is your policy and that they have a different type of clientel. He also suggested I go to Walmart or Best Buy. Well I didn't go to one of those but I did go to a local high end store and bought $4700 of stereo equipment. More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • Exchange Remote

    Tried to exchange a remote for Sony RDR-VX560. Customer Service at the HHGregg store located at Kennesaw, GA refused to help us stating we should have come in sooner. It has been 4 months. Due to some health issues we had not tried to use the unit. Our son visited this weekend from MI and tried to hook it up for us. He told us it was the wrong remote. After looking it up online, I found that to be true. All we wanted was for him to look in the back. The original salesman told us they removed all the remotes from the floor models & put them all together somewhere else. All we... More...
  • Sam HLT6187S 61in DLP TV

    We purchased the above item on Dec. 26, 2007. We also purchased a 5 yr warrenty for $400. We were told if anything goes bad they will fix it or replace it ASP. Well our color goes in Feb. 2009. The set is only 11 months old. We contact HHGregg and they put us with Norman Elect. Who I must add NEVER came out to see the set just said they know the problem and ordered the items needed... 7-10 days... Well that comes and goes and no call so I call back to find out the part needed is no longer made.. the Norman Elect. now says it is a warrenty issue... "GE" states that the item has... More...
  • Lack of customer service & complaint on TV

    We purchased a 56" Toshiba DLP Projection TV from HH Gregg on June 27, 2006. By August 2007 we had to have the lamp replaced and again Jan. 8th, 2009. The repair company they use us Norman Electronics. Both times we have had difficulty getting the service call. On Jan. 8, 2009 the lamp went bad in the TV and we went directly down to HH Gregg to set up the service call and to buy a 22" flat panel Sharp TV to tide us over. They assured us that the repair co. would call us in the morning to let us know when to expect them. When I never got the call I called HH Gregg. No record of the... More...
  • Poor Customer Service - Refund Policy

    After Christmas, I purchased a TV and Blu Ray player from HH Gregg. Paid >$2500. After 13 days, the Blu Ray player died. When I called the store I was able to speak to the GM Dan Miller (He said he was the GM and top guy). I inquired into getting a replacement. He stated no problem, but it would be at least 3 weeks before he got more stock of the particular model player. He was not confident in the 3+ weeks. I inquired into a similar model, but they had none in that price range. I asked for a refund of the price I paid to purchase a replacement elsewhere and he said no way. He kept... More...
  • Poor service

    Total disregard for service after the sale. We received a refrigerator ( was supposed to be stainless) with exposed screws and BLACK front. NOT ONE TIME DID any employee ever return phone call or apologize for the mistakes.It took 2 months to receive the front panel and we ended up installing it ourselves after being blown off and lied to by employees for 2 weeks after panel was delivered. Very poor service and would NOT purchase from H.H. Gregg ever again! More...
  • return policy

    We purchased a small refrigerator that was on sale from the HHGregg store in Piqua, OH. It's been one big hassle. I am 65 years old, and it's a 50+ mile round trip. The hassle began when I called to see if it was in stock, they said it wasn’t, and I'd have to come in and pay for it, before they'd order it. They wouldn't take my credit card over the phone. So I drove over and paid cash. When it came in, I called and asked if they'd deliver it. They told me I had to come in first and pay for the delivery, (Evidently, they would not trust me to pay the... More...
  • No Customer Service

    I bought a plasma from the Douglasville, Ga store on 10-13-08 as a present for my b/f. We didn't open the box until last night (10-27-08) because our house is wired for a Smarthome and we've been waiting for the electrician to uncover the wires in the wall. Needless to say, after we pulled the TV out of the box, the screen was cracked in several places! We contacted the store mgr, explaining the situation in depth and he continously accused us of damaging it during the transit home. Brad (store mgr) refused to exchange it and claimed he spoke to his "higher up" mgrs and... More...


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